Be the Cause

Why do we need a reason?

“Why do we need a reason”, she replied.

I sat in silence outside the coffee shop attempting to comprehend those simple words. We had just spent the last 20 minutes discussing the beauty of the universe, the importance of kindness, and the possibilities of peace. As with every new volunteer, I asked the question, “Why do you wish to serve?”. Her response still leaves me empty.

“Why do we need a reason to serve!”. As if to say that compassion is something that occurs naturally. Countless days I had spent trying to rationalize our decision to help others. Now I am reminded that compassion is not an act of reason, but rather an act of utter joy. Sarwar mentioned to us not so long ago that service occurs with no thought. I wonder if we have found service, or if service has found us.


I could never fully express my gratitude for this opportunity of service. It is because of you all that this work goes on.

As a result of your efforts, I have been invited to a 7 day conference on “Leveraging Privilege for Social Change” that starts today. The conference brings together young individuals who are working for a thriving, just and sustainable way of life. Although my knees tell me that I am not so young, I am extremely humbled by the opportunity and also feel a sense of hope knowing that programs such as these exist. I know that you all are a major factor in this invitation and I hope to represent you all in the best way I can. If they ask me why we started Be The Cause, I already know my response: “no reason”.

As we travel this journey together… let us walk with silent minds and complete hearts… taking joy in the fact that we enrich our own lives as we benefit the lives of others.


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