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Random Acts: Recap

As I pulled into the Ralph’s parking lot, I thought to myself “This isn’t going to be easy!”.

I expected everyone to be apprehensive about allowing me to put their groceries into their cars. After all, it was a really dark evening, the return of the beard had its own connotations, and the aftermath of the rain storm had made everyone feel a little on edge. Nonetheless, Cheryl and I embarked on another miracle… transforming fear through random acts of kindness.

The first lady I contacted was the one that fueled me for the rest of the evening. I asked her how she was doing and she muffled her response, hoping that I wouldn’t engage in further dialogue. Maybe she hasn’t met BTC volunteers before, I thought. I dove right in for further exploration: How was her day? How long did it take to get to work in the morning? I battered back with numerous questions. As soon as she looked up from her groceries, I was ready. Smile on face, and Smile card in hand, I explained that she was the lucky recipient of an act of kindness. I proceeded to tell her that a few friends had decided to do nice things for others to make them feel better after the rain storm. Her apprehension quickly melted. She read the smile card as I put the groceries in the trunk of her mini-van. She was no longer in a rush to get away. As I took her cart back to the store, she looked me straight in the eyes and said “thank you”. Little does she know, the gratitude was all mine!!!

The highlight of the evening, however, was the couple in the white sports coupe. I eyed the attractive couple as they left the grocery store and followed them silently to their car. I pounced on the opportunity as soon as their trunk was ajar. Gleaming with enthusiasm I rushed the Smile card into his hands only to be let down by cold rejection again. I explained that we were there to help others… but he didn’t budge. He responded that we didn’t need to be there and refused any space for me to do my work. I glanced at his female friend and did notice a tinge of inspiration that has become all too familiar over the years. I decided to let it go and proceeded to help another shopper a short distance away. As I finished with my next victim, I turned to find the same white sports coupe waiting directly in front of me. As he sat in the driver’s seat, I noticed that the inspiration was now in his eyes. He asked to see the card and wondered what we were up to. I responded that we were helping random people in the hope that they would in turn help others. This time, he thought we were “cool”. He asked if he could keep the card, to which I obviously replied, “of course not”… he had to give the card away to someone else. Before he rushed off I stated, “one kind act at a time, that’s how we’ll change the world.”

Smiles :)

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