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February is a month of love

February is a month of love. Just ask cupid, Hallmark incorporated, and any volunteer you know. To celebrate this month, we did exactly what those in love do: act selflessly, give generously and do good. They say that service is love made visible… and what better way to celebrate this month, then to serve with complete dedication.

After collecting, packing and shipping over 3,000 stuffed animals to Sri Lanka for Tsunami Relief Aid, we began to realize the awesome power that this ‘Love’ beholds. It can turn any of our lives around, makes us do things we would never dream of, and forces us to give away our entire lives. In that experience, poets say there is more joy than dreamed of.

Within that power, I also realized the potential of like-minded committed individuals. Some of us were in South Africa, then some went on to Kenya, one left for India and our website was redesigned, the Tsunami stuffed animal drive was organized, and more people began to care for the earth. I am not sure how it all comes together, but then I’m not sure if I have ever known. I wonder if the world is really changing, or if it is just my view that’s changed.

With the spirit of compassion close to our hearts, we embark on new journeys. Our first Compassion Cell in Los Angeles County will happen on Good Friday. We now have volunteers registering from all places near and far. We begin planning for the Fourth Annual Walk for Hope. The only magic to all this is that same Love. It is beyond time and location. It is everywhere within us, and everywhere around us. The possibilities of that power are still infinite.

With never enough words to express my gratitude to all of you for making our love somehow become visible.


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