Be the Cause

My Mother

Staring at the ocean gives me a splitting headache. Like someone has driven a nail through the center of my forehead. I think of all the other places on the planet that I would like to visit. Burned and pillaged because these damned idiots are so wrapped up in their ethnocentric games. I’ve heard that the land of Kashmir is a “heaven on earth”. If I stepped foot on it tomorrow I would be shot dead by both the Pakistanis and the Indians. Damned idiots.. giving me a damned headache… Screw em all… .. My Mother

Israel, another beautiful spot.. gives me a splitting headache. Jerusalem, who the … does it belong to… the Jews, who claim that Moses was there, the Muslims, who claim Mohammed had a vision there, maybe I should get in on the act. I took a dump on the west bank in 1996… IT’S MINE. Damned idiots. Nothing belongs to anybody…. Least of all land …. A place like Jerusalem should only be worshipped, not fought over or fought on.

… there are no countries, no religions… listen to John Lennon every now and then and you’ll understand how behind the times you really are.

My headache grows stronger, “Kill the disbelievers” ringing from my ears, past my temples into my scorching eyes. I’ll slam my hammer in your skull if you touch my mother’s children again. Plant mimes in my mother’s bosom, rape my sisters and daughters, torture my brothers again and you’ll feel my fist up your religious ass. That Muslim fellow you just killed.. happens to be me. That Jewish kid you just beat the crap out of.. happens to be me. You pillaged my villages, burned everything.

My mother… she gives me a splitting headache. She lets it all go on. Loving everybody and everything… you are too soft mother… you love your sons too much mother. as one son rips flesh off your arm, the other bites flesh off your back. Your sons wage religious warfare on your breasts… mother, you have no nipples left. Your most beautiful spots have been covered with scars and scabs. You bastards.. you have raped your own mother.

— Chughzy

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