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My first Blog Entry

As we prepare for this trip, I am overwhelmed with expectation, excitement and most importantly fear. Although I do not fear for my own life, I fear that I may not be prepared for the changes that lie ahead. May the journey transform us all into better human beings and may all beings find good health.


  • Bob

    Great Stuff!

  • Cheryl

    I too feel overwhelmed with expectation, excitement and fear that I may not be prepared for the changes that lie ahead – thank you so much for voicing this, makes it easier for me knowing that others feel the same.

  • Ann Nguyen

    Hi Sukh,

    I know that the time is going by very quickly. I hope your day of silence has been wonderful. I know how important it is to still yourself.

    I was a little concerned that you weren’t feeling well on Saturday. I do hope you are feeling better today.

    I thought Saturday was a very powerful event. I was touched by everyone who came, and especially moved by the desire of those going on the trip to really be present to what is going on in Africa.

    I will try to call by tomorrow to see you. I will call in the morning.

    Love and Peace,


  • Ann Nguyen

    Hope that this trip brings with it new insight in the way we can care for each other, and how we can build a world where all are afforded the same opportunities for education for health care for food and shelter.


  • Guri

    Hi Sukh,

    We just returned from 8 days of solitude to find that you’re half way around the world already. =) Hope you’re in high spirits as usual and getting the most out of your trip. Wishing you all the best in your adventures of Service.

    Guri =)

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