Be the Cause

Keep your head down

Keep your head down. Keep your focus, you got a job to do. 10 hours a day. Refilling your empty life with even more emptiness. Moving data from one application to another… meaningful. Improving business processes or better yet, creating shareholder wealth. huh. Your life is dedicated to helping those that least need it. Contributing to a society where the rich continue to wallow in their own filth and misery, and continue to distance themselves from the rest of humanity. The shareholders, embarrassed by the beggars that reach out for survival. Fellow human beings, separated by greed.

I know I depress you, I’m sorry. Go back to work, keep your blinders on. Me, I’d rather be dead than turn my head away.

Your silence says it all. Your conformity to the system changes tomorrow into today. I know, its too big a step for one man to make. Your efforts can change nothing. Stay effortless.

After all, how much difference can one man make?

You get by, by calling yourself a realist. I have no respect for your kind. No respect for people who say that things can’t change, that we need war, that the nice guys finish last, that money is what makes the world work, that the world can’t change. But I’m John Lennon. Imagine, for even a moment. Imagine a world where everyone was an idealist. Imagine if all of us did pray together. If all 6 Billion of us came together with common goals in mind. Can you imagine the possibilities? It wouldn’t be the same world we live in. Only love would matter.

I am a realist… just not pessimistic. Maybe tomorrow, you will make a difference.

— Chughzy

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