Be the Cause

The Words of Poets

I wish to speak and draw your ear
And I will pray that you may hear
These simple words of one so humble
I’ll say it plain that I don’t stumble

We must use our gift of rhyme
In this sad and sinful time
We must speak out and make it clear
We must make the people hear

We must not falter but be strong
Speak out together when we see wrong
Somehow link our words and verse
Remaining silent is a curse

There are children dead and dying
Old people alone and crying
Son and daughters that we cherish
By drugs and guns we watch them perish

Poets know words of love and care
But what’s it matter if we don’t share
My fellow poets lets begin the race
To make this world a better place

Send a card, email or letter
We will sort it out together
We will use our words to stand
For the better good of man

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  • Claudia

    You are so right. I really enjoyed your poem I hope I see more beautiful words put together in such a form. Books tell the story, Poems tell the pain.

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