Be the Cause

Breaking Through

Stock markets…“Made over 10% in that one technology stock.”
Sexual exploits…“Finally got that chick to suck my $#@!.”
Hollow complaints…“She sure is gaining a lot of Lose Weight Exercise.”
Sporting events…“He ran 256 yards in that game.”
Climate conditions…“How ‘bout this weather today?”
Decadence of human conversation from
Sharing harmonious ideas to
Transactions of information and the
Exchanges of irrelevance.
Intangible interchange hoping to
Gather a glimpse of the
Human essence cloaked with
Ego, fear and desire.
Misconception of reality.
Compassion, values,
Appreciation for living.
Do people forget?
Are they thinking?
Will I forget?
Breaking through.
Worth it?

– H

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