Tsunami Vigil

On December 26th, 2004, the South East Asia Tsunami claimed over 200,000 lives in what is known as the biggest natural disaster of our time.

On Tuesday, December 26th, on the 2nd year anniversary of the trajedy we invited everyone to light a candle in honor of those that lost their lives.

The Following Candle Light Vigils will be occuring on Dec 26th, 2006:
– Be the Cause Candle Light Vigil in Santa Ana, CA.
– Lyndi Swanson in Cupertino, CA

At the event:

* Complementary Indian Dinner
* Create cards to send to children in relief camps
* Slide show and photo presentation of tsunami
* Inspiring Music and Poetry (please bring relevant poetry to share)
* You may bring your own candles (covered only)
* Be prepared for a very moving experience