Be the Cause


I sit upon the shore
and watch the waves one by one.

From the same water,
each wave marks a unique existence.

Some waves bring life,
other waves take life away.

Some waves roll in with thunder,
other waves only whisper their presence.

Some waves live long,
Yet others exist only for moment.

I sit upon the shore,
and watch the waves one by one.

I wonder, which of these waves is me?

— Rupinder Mohan Singh

The Betrayal of my old self

Time Clouds my memories
But even the clouds remind me

Stuck in the balance
between the ending and a new beginning.

At each moment I don’t know where to fall.
What direction is forward, which way is up.

But at each moment I know SHE is with me,
and at each moment I know she feels the same.

Some days are cloudier than others.
You are the canvass on which HE paints. I long for the blue.

And at times, you are HIS brush strokes,
for even the clouds remind me.

I know the only direction is forward, the only way is up.
Yet, every moment feels like a betrayal of my old self.

Each new day feels like a betrayal of yesterday.

— Chughzy

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