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Be the Cause volunteers mentioned in the CDV newsletter

Be the Cause volunteers made their way to Mexico over the holidays to volunteer at the Casa de Paz Orphanage from December 26 to December 30. Corazon De Vida, the organization that coordinated the trip, expressed their gratitude to the volunteers in their newsletter:

Gracias por su Ayuda (Thanks for your Help):

Be The Cause for giving your love, compassion, and your soul to the children of the Casa de Paz Orphanage from December 26 – December 30. Your help in cooking, cleaning, mentorship, and being a friend to 45 children will stay with them forever. Gracias! If you would like to organize an overnight trip to one of our Southern orphanages, please email

BTC Volunteers in Mexico

“What is service?”

I just woke up after having dinner at Bharti’s and learning about indicorps.

I think it was brilliant that the invite to this dinner said, “What is Service?” instead of “Meet Indicorps.” Right now I woke up with not just thinking about something creative that Indicorps is doing, but also with parallel thoughts on service.

First, Indicorps is a network of fellows, NGOs and young activists that share oppurtunities to share time, energy, and money among social entities in India and sons and daughters of the “Indian Diaspora”. They have a good model that is based on global community outreach and sustainability. They offer fellowships to college graduates of Indian decent to take on 50+ projects that have been set up by trusted NGOs in India that need a very specific skill set. Fellows apply to be placed in one of the projects and then are given the tools to communicate directly with the people and places where they will be serving. Every young Indian that wants the freedom to impact the world in some positive way should read about this network of people, ideas, and action.

Even though Indicorps is exclusive for expatriot Indians, their approach to how they do things answers the question, “What is Service?”.

So, I wanted to ask everyone that reads this post:

What is Service to You?

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