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Houston: Christmas at Thomas Street Clinic

Masterpiece of Love By Laura Going

Xmas at TSCI arrived at the towering Thomas Street Clinic just after 4. Mapquest had given me some slightly less than clear directions. The building spread out behind an iron fence in all its majestic glory. I walked inside and was greeted by some wonderful nurses that directed me to the decorating crew. I was introduced to Ms. Jackie, a volunteer and employee at Thomas Street Clinic. She greeted me with open arms and ushered me into yet another beautiful room where another volunteer, Thomas from Pasadena, was assembling the trees that would be gracing each floor. Ms. Jackie set me to work helping. While we worked I asked her a few questions about the building. She told me that it was built during the 1930s and when the clinic opened that it was severely dilapidated. You would never believe that by the building’s structure and décor.

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Thank You Letter from Thomas St. Clinic

December 7, 2006
Be The Cause
Houston, Texas

Dear Be The Cause Volunteers,

Because of your unselfish, giving spirit the Christmas season at Thomas Street Health Center will be especially meaningful for our patients as well as staff. The decorations are breathtaking and the fact that you donated your valuable time to Thomas Street Health Center will allow us to share the holiday spirit with our patients. Many of our patients are indigent or at least have very meager incomes.

We would be so honored if your group would consider being a part of helping us during the Christmas season this coming year 2007. The evening that your volunteers were here in the health center putting up the decorations was an evening of celebration. Every patient that I talked with felt so special to have people from our community support and show love for them.

Sincere thanks,

Jackie Wear
Community Outreach and Volunteer Services

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