Be the Cause

Dearest Jesus, Mohammad and Nanak

Dearest Jesus, Peace and blessing upon you.

I am so sorry for everything. If there is anyone who is owed an apology, it is you. I am so sorry we have taken everything that you lived and died for and construed it to create more harm and havoc. I know you must cry every time you look back at what you left behind. We have destroyed everything that you tried to build. I am so sorry, but your life has been short of inspirational.

Dear Jesus, you died for our sins, but I’m sorry, your death was in vain. You tried to teach people to be kind to one another, to treat each neighbor like you yourself would like to be treated. The other day I heard about a priest treating a nun to a neighborly sexual abduction. Why have you died Jesus? We are still ridden with sin. People still break all the rules, we still kill others, we still lie, we still cheat, we are still jealous of others, we still hate, we are still angry. Jesus, we need you once again. Jesus, we need you to die once again.

Dearest Mohammad, peace and blessing upon you.

I am so sorry for everything. If there is anyone who is owed an apology it is you. You tried to change the world, change everyone you met, you spread the message of peace and love. I’m sorry. Your life too has been reduced to a symbol of havoc. The Holy Qur’an is now commercialized in America as a symbol of terrorism. Your life is exampled, your words are quoted, your beauty is tainted as people who profess to follow your leadership take up arms against innocent civilians. Girls are killed because they are passionate about the freedoms they will never discover. Men are shot as they accidentally break curfews to bring food for families late into the night. Mohammad, we have failed to be the peaceful people you tried to lead. Mohammad, we are not Muslims.

Dearest Guru Nanak Dev Ji, peace and blessing upon you,

I am so sorry for everything. If there is anyone who is owed an apology it is you. We have destroyed everything you stood for. We have made a mockery of your life. Reading about your basic principles in life makes me shake my head to it all. Your teachings of equality, your concepts of oneness… where are they now? Where is the equality? You denounced all forms of inequality, the caste system, the gender biases, the social classes, the concept of oneness… where is it now Guru Nanak? We have created more inequality than existed in your time, we have Jatts, Bhappas, Khatris, who refuse to let their offspring marry into the other’s caste. Your followers have built the exact caste system you spent your life destroying. What did your life amount to? We have Khalsas, and Singhs, and Cuttsardhs, we have the rich and the poor, we have Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Christians… all hating each other because of their different backgrounds, their different upbringing, their different predecessors. Guru Nanak, I am so sorry, but your life too is short of inspirational.

Dearest Jesus, Come Back. Mohammad, Nanak, Moses, come back, we need you now more than ever. Why, Why exist in a time when all is in flux, when people are easily persuaded, when it is easier to show people the light because of all the darkness that exists?

Why do it at all? Why Jesus, only ensure that your message spreads to the Christians. And Moses, why, I thought all of humankind was chosen, why is that only Jews have rights to your wonderful teachings. Why Nanak, are your teachings of oneness only recited on the lips of a few million called Sikhs? Mohammad, I don’t understand, your teachings, your way of living, why is it only understood by the select few who follow your Sunna. Why do your deeds and words not transcend human built boundaries? Why did your messages not reach all corners of the globe?

Why? God, why do such a thing? Why send different messengers to different parts of your creation at different times. They all advertise the same message.. but your followers are ethnocentric. Did you not know what a despicable creation you had molded? Why God, instead of creating a humanity, have you created sub teams, each with their own agenda? Each member of Team A believing that their Team and its leader is the chosen one. Each member of Team A believing that its better than Team B. All is one, but why the separate Teams? Greater brotherhood and bonding… but only between members; no compassion or understanding for the outsiders?

I guess you knew what you were doing. Testing us all along to see if we really understood your messages. Each religion recites it, regurgitates it, drums up cheers for it but never really practices it. God is one, all is one… written in every book. Yet we continue to kill our brothers. Not all is one, Americans and Afghans, Muslims and Jews, the rich and the poor. Far from one.

Do it now, send us back into extinction as you did with the dinosaurs. Bring out another breed, a more intelligent breed, a more compassionate breed. You are still a step away from your ultimate creation.

Jesus, Mohammad, Nanak, Moses.. thank you for your valiant efforts… but we need you now, when people have convinced themselves that they understand your teachings, when people are convinced that they know what life is all about. Come back and teach us now. Save us now.

— Chughzy

New York, New York

New York, September 15 – 18, 2001

New York was transformed this weekend. Never again should it be known as the center of financial strength but rather, and more importantly, as the center of spiritual growth. As I walked through the streets of Manhattan this weekend I was offered food, hugs, love, God, and beauty. It was truly beautiful. Picture the financial district still smoldering from the hell that burns in angry men, transcended by the light that flickers from millions of candles offering vigil to loved ones that have finally found peace. Picture all of us, led in a rendition of Amazing Grace by two beautiful African American women. Picture a New York City where the rich and the poor, the Muslims and the Jews, the cops and the loiterers are all hugging each other, feeding each other, holding hands and praying with (for) each other. Picture an American Muslim man calling to prayer in front of a crowd of weeping Jews that only a moment ago wanted nothing more than vengeance. No-one else understands Arabic, no-one else needs to. Love is the only language that is spoken. This weekend I cried.. not for the memory of ones left behind but for a nation… a world, where we all hold hands and pray together. This weekend everybody cried. I saw love in His eyes.

My fellow people, pray now to the east not only for Mecca or Jerusalem but for our very own spiritual center on this nation.. New York, New York.

As I walked through the various vigils of the city I couldn’t help but notice all the love that floated in the air, stronger than the dust of the world trade center rubble that continues to plagues the news reports. At each site I visited there were sheets of white paper that blanketed most pathways. People were scrawled over floors to capture their thoughts on these flags of peace. I walked by and was touched by the pouring of emotion on these notes. Writing has been an emotional release to so many people during this time, afraid that these biblical writings were going to be locked away forever or worse.. destroyed, I tried to capture some of the thoughts that stood out for me. The following are limited clips of notes I came across.

This we know;
The earth doesn’t belong to man
Man belongs to the earth.
This we know;
All things are connected like
The blood which unites one family.
All things are connected.
Whatever befalls the earth
Befalls the sons of the earth.
Man did not weave the web of life;
He is merely a strand in it.
Whatever he does to the web,
He does to himself.

Dear neighbor. Please interpret this tragedy as a wake-up call – There is no such thing as “nation,” ours or theirs. We are human beings living on planet earth. We share the air with the person who lives next door as well as the person who lives across the globe; we share the oceans to drink and cleanse; we share the earth as a source of good. Destroying any part of our planet leads to the destruction of the whole. Please understand that retaliation in any form of violence contributes directly to our demise as a species, and to the extinction of all living things. Please speak out against hatred and violence when and wherever you can. We must pull together to save the planet. Do whatever you can to help our brothers and sisters understand: the smallest violent act is too large yet no act of compassionate awareness is too small.

When I came here tonight I wanted war, revenge. But now no more. It would better stop here!

It is life that we have
It is life that love that we desire
It is peace that we deserve
It is us that are….

All eyes have been opened
God has not forsaken us.

Just like Marvin Gaye said, God is love. Save the Children. In strength, there is unity. In unity there is peace. Peace, Faith and Soul.

We come from God and we return to God. Let us create bridges of understanding among all people.

Peace and Love.
Peace and Love.

This tragedy that shouldn’t even happen brought us together all over the world.

Humans are inherently good.

The died together
Lets live…
…. together.

Your old life was a frantic running from silence…
die, and be quiet
tear down the prison wall,
escape become the sky…
The speechless full moon comes out now.

Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation

I usually don’t pray, these days I do.

Love will overcome all of this
We need to unite as 1.

Thou shalt not kill
Peace among all.

Don’t bomb the middle east.

For the peace of all mankind
For the grace in our mind
For leaving the worst behind
with prayers of love and compassion

What a beautiful thing to consider…
that none of us need wait another moment
before making the world a better place.

You wasn’t just a dad for me
You was my life, my love, my friend
I’ll always love you dady
Your son – Drest
I miss you hard.

Patriarchy put us in this position
only wisdom can get us out.

Wait for the lord I say and he will direct your path. WAIT.

You can only defeat terror by embracing terror. Think before you act for the law of unintended consequences will reign.

New Yorkers,
“Be still and know that I am God (PSALM 46:10”
Love one another and in all things – SEEK HIM. He will in turn hold you in his palm and his hand will embrace you. I love you all.

They will survive
They will be found alive
Through Trust.

Trust in the Lord will all thy heart. Rely not on our limited fearful understanding.

Do good today
Love one another.

We have had two world wars already. Don’t let this be another one. At the dawn of a new century, please make peace or live in it.

Our father who art in heaven….
Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

It’s more than a peace fantasy.

May something positive come from this tragedy
Somehow, someway, may happiness and peace prevail.

Our worlds have changed
Be thankful for what you have and treat each other well. Never forget.

Union Square Park
has been transformed into a sacred place. A place I came to mourn and be comforted by the creativity that we human beings are capable of in the face of such hopeless destructive acts – our spirit never dies…. Thank you New York… the courage to meet the worst with the best.

Lead us from the unreal to reality, from darkness to light, from death to immortality.
Om peace, peace, peace
May all beings in this world be happy.
Om peace, peace, peace

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