Be the Cause

Ventura County

The event started with some mis-haps… as all good things should :)

We got there late because of a misleading Yahoo map and noone answering the phone at the Rescue Mission. All the “new” volunteers were ahead of us. When we reached Rescue Mission, the volunteer coordinator was not there, and the other gentlemen there had no idea who “Be the Cross?” was, and what to do with us. Luckily they had enough turkeys, potatoes and onions and kiwis in the kitchen to keep us occupied.

It was a pleasure working with all of you, and getting to know you a little more. I think we all got along quite harmoniously. Each of us represented a different nationality/ethnic background yet there we all were, united for the purpose of doing good, as Sukh very comically put it “one deformed kiwi at a time.” Aside from whatever work we did, the fact that we were all together, sends message to all those who saw us, and spoke with us. I think the people who spoke to us enjoyed that experience and we learned a lot from their experiences. Listening is a habit we should all develop and improve upon.

Chi, I’m sorry you missed the after party at my house. We all went back and ate the same leftovers from lunch and had a good time with the pet cockatiels, and learning to eat rice with our hands in the tradition of the Indo-subcontinent.