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Agape Live! Sacred Site Visit-March 9th, 2008

Prabhat put together a very special Sacred Site Visit @ Agape Spiritual Center in LA…which took place this last Sunday, March 9th.

Here’s some info about Agape:

In 1986, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith founded the Agape International Spiritual Center, a trans-denominational spiritual community whose doors are open to all seekers in search of authentic spirituality, personal transformation and selfless service to humankind. In his own words, “My aspiration is that every individual who is touched by the vibration of Agape is inspired to cultivate a heart of love as wide as the world.”

I arrived a little late for the meditation portion of the morning. The usher/bouncer at the door mentioned it was too late to enter the meditation sanctuary…no matter how much I begged. If you’re a newbie to Agape, you do get to avoid the lines to get in…but beware of seating…one of my friends and I were going to be escorted behind the stage and on video, and we decided against this and sat anonymously in the audience with all the regulars.

I thought I was safe there, but at one point of the service, all of us newbies were told to stand up and a song was sung to us. Normally, I would have thought this was way corny but there was such love radiating from my new Agape friends that it was really beautiful to say the least…

There were some moments of the service where I felt shy…cause so much love was expressed…brimming over!! My favorite parts of the service were when we sang: “This little heart of mine…I’m gonna let it shine” and when Rev. Michael Beckwith gave us all a talk. My jaw dropped watching him. He was a very entertaining speaker. He mentioned that the camera people have a heyday when he gets up on the stage because he never stays in one spot. He’s dancing, and jumping all over the place. He stated that maybe he should stay in one place and talk. And the audience roared with an astounding: NOOOO…! The man was so energized and right on target with his message that there wasn’t any way to stop smiling!

What I specifically liked about the service was…all people, all nations, and all ages were included. It felt very welcoming and heartful. It was like going to a family reunion with 500 plus friends…all gathering for peace, love, fun.

After the service, I was able to find Prabhat, Kristeen, Adnan, Jayson, someone’s friend named Mike, and Narayana and college friend. There was a booth with awesome vegetarian food.

This was a great way to celebrate life and spirit and all that’s good…on a Sunday.


  • Unknown

    Hmm, this sounds like a typical fundimentalist christian church (Groups like that are not known for being about peace, love and equality). Sure, they will show what appears to be love and peace and all good things on the surface when your new or visiting because they know your coming. When you look beneath the surface though, it’s all things horrifying). The people and organization and the visiting of a den such as this produces “real” love and promotes peace how?

  • gianna

    We just visit a variety of temples, churches with be the cause sacred site visits. As Gandhi says: Love all religions…we go to see a sampling of all different places of worship…I felt a little awkward at first at Agape, but I would go back…I thought it was very welcoming and not like any fundamentalist church I’ve been to. I felt it was pretty open and didn’t feel like the stereotype of what church is… I felt it was kinda carefree…That’s just my two cents.

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