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i'm a massage therapist who likes to find little ways to make big differences in this world.

hugs in laguna

i was asked to write a blog on my experience in laguna. it was unexpected, but very well worth it!! i wasn’t able to get out of work until 3:30. i called up one of my friends to meet me in laguna to give out free hugs. so we met at about 4:30pm. i was expecting to see some other volunteers there, but we were alone. so we decided to walk around ourselves with a big “free hugs” sign. it was AWESOME!! i received at least 25-30 hugs in an hour and a half, got some good Lose Weight Exercise in b/c we were walking non-stop, we saw a gorgeous sunset on the beach, and i gave my phone number to a potential private client!! what a PERFECT day. even though i didn’t get a chance to meet the other volunteers, i’m really thankful that i made it out to laguna!!! when we were walking on the beach watching the sunset the first child that approached me asked me what my sign read. i told him free hugs. he asked me if he could have one, then after i gave him one, his two older brothers came over to me and they wanted one. it was SOOOOO cute. the little one was maybe three or four years old. i received hugs from about 5 or 6 little kids playing on the beach and at least 25 from people of all walks of life. most people would read the sign, smile at me and walk on by, but for those that stopped and hugged me, my soul thanks you very much!!! i definately will be doing this again, maybe i’ll even make it a point to do it once a month. it’s a new year, anything is possible. KEEP SPREADING THE LOVE WITH ONE HUG AT A TIME!!!!