Be the Cause

“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.” -Martin Luther

Here’s what this week’s quote means to some guests:

~If it’s in your heart it will never leave ya no matter how deep you’ve buried the divine will retrieve ya. True faith in trusting that It will never leave ya. Thanks and love all our friends at Seva. -Dave Schatz

~If I do, it’ll be for GOD and maybe I’ll see it in heaven. –Patsy H

~M.L.K. is part of reason blacks have their freedom & us too.

~In some ways the world is already in pieces and it’s only for those who dare to plant trees where we find hope, compassion and beauty. Small seeds of kindness still can blossom in the aridest land.

~We should try to achieve our goals, we should stop just because we think that it won’t make a difference.

~God gave us and you have given back. Thank you. You’re the best. –Bartholomeur

The Candy canes is all I have

~When a tree blossoms with fruit, it hangs low to the ground wanting to give to others (selfless Service) MLK embodied the bumbleness of a blossomed tree. He respect and loved all beings and it the world wave to end tomorrow the action of love will bring you closer to God.

~Still have hope and faith if things goes apart.

~We should try to achieve our goals, we shouldn’t stop just because we think that it won’t make a difference.

Seva Cafe Comment – Jan 27, 2007

~We’ve had some of the very best times here. – Deby, Jonny Chip, Janet…

~Thank you Seva Café, the meal was excellent. – Thanks

~To whom it may concern, I’ve never been to a restaurant like this one. It’s a bit of a fresh air in a polluted world. I like the ambience and I love the vibe. Good people… Good food. The broccoli soup is “fix me”, and your grilled cheese sandwich are “de aquellas.” Maybe poetry night/ open mic night would be interesting. –THANX

~Thank you for the opportunity to share a wonderful experience at Seva Café. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. We will definitely be back to help again. Best of luck with the efforts. Please share with the our gratitude. Peace, -Van & Chris

~Thank you so much for introducing me to the Seva Café. I enjoyed working there and had a fantastic time. It was great for me to step outside of myself and help others in need. Going in I did not know what to expect. After my experience there on Saturday, I truly appreciate the time spent there and understand what they are trying to accomplish. Thanks for spreading your kindness and giving, you are helping me become a better person.



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