Be the Cause

It’s getting hot…

Today was a really hard day. We woke up to the first sunny day since we got here. It was already hot at 7am. We went back to the same place we worked yesterday. Today was the community christmas party. We decided to finish up our work in the garden untill the party started at noon. It reached 100 degrees and we were covered in dirt. Then we gave out presents, a hotdog and a cup of soda to about 500 kids.

It really pushed my limits. I had to really dig deep into myself to find my motivation. It was a good learning experience for me to look within and discover what really drives me to keep going. So much of it is just keeping up with everyone else. When it came to the point where I didn’t think I could keep going, I wanted to sit under a shady tree, but then I remembered all of the effort and preparation we all put into this trip. We came here for a reason and I didn’t want to waste it sitting on my butt. So I kept going!! The plot isn’t quite ready for planting yet, but it looks pretty now.

The whole village was there and they sang the national anthem, something chosen by the ANC, the current party in power, but then they sang the old national anthem in Afrikans from the NAtional Party which was responsible for Apartheid, and then they sang something in English about tolerance and working in unity to build a future together. It was amazing to think that they would even acknowledge the previous government after all that they have been through under it. Joanne Said that they sing it out of respect. It really is incredible to me how willing everyone is to forgive and move on. Yesterday was the Day of Reconciliation a national holiday celebrating the day that the ANC and the National party agreed to stop fighting and negotiate.

I feel priviledged to be here.

This is from Monday

Today was just awesome. I was moved to tears of awe and wonder and joy. We went on a tour of the coast and went to the southernmost tip of Africa where the Indian and the Atlantic oceans meet. I didn’t really have any expectations, I was just relieved that I was getting a much needed break from the pain. The ride was breathtakingly beautiful. The whole bus would gasp as we rounded corner after corner to reveal postcard perfect beaches.

When we got to the light house at capepoint, I was a little disappointed to find out that we had to spend an 1 1/2 walking around and eating lunch, which would only leave us an hour to swim at the next spot which had warm water and penguins. I really wanted to swim. (my mind couldn’t accept that there might actually be penguins there)

We had to hurry even w/ 1 1/2hr. we raced up the path and the stairs and up and up and up. When we got to the top, I walked over to the right hand side. I looked over and saw the atlantic. It’s the same as any other beach I’ve ever seen. Beautiful waves, cool steady breeze on my face that lifts my spirits and whispers to my soul.

Then I walked over to the other side. I walked 10 feet and stepped into an entirely different world.

That ocean was so calm and vast it overwhelmed me and brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know why. I felt like Jodi Foster in Contact saying “it’s so beautiful” It just pulled at me from my core. It was just so incredible!

Then I had the honor of going to Hokisa, the orphanage that we supported w/ the walk. That place had the most wonerful vibe! After all of the places we’ve been to and all of the people we’ve been trying to help. Here was an example of what is actually possible with the right kind of intent. I was so overwhelmed. I feel so priviledged that I can say that I had a part in it. I mean, we worked so hard on the walk and it was amazing, but I realized that the walk isn’t over. It’s never going to be over because what we contributed to will affect these kids for the rest of their lives and the ripples of that work will last forever. You would’nt believe it. It was right in the middle of a township, just like the others we’ve been to, but it was it’s own little world of safety and, it was just a glowing light! I can’t think of how to describe it. The magic it must take for this place to exist in the place where it’s at.

We didn’t get to stay long (they were taking the kids to the library!) so we finally headed to the beach. Right when we got there I made a beeline for the water. Something was just pulling me to that warm water. Yes, there were actually penguins everywhere! It was so surreal. The water was crystal clear blue and colder than I expected, but I jumped in anyway, even before most of the others had reached the bottom of the stairs. I swam out as far as I dared, we got a BIG warning about sharks on the way there that made some of us reconsider swimming and honestly, all alone, I was terrified of the dark shapes below me way out there, but I just let that calm smooth coolness envelope me. It was so still and quiet. I just can’t describe it.

The pain is still here. the helplessness. But god, being alive can be so great! My soul can sing.–

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