Be the Cause

When a case of human trafficking becomes a girl I adore

So I’ve been doing outreach and spreading the word about human trafficking for a little over two years now. I used to talk about the first case being prosecuted in Orange County as not being enough. That we needed more cases on the books. I still agree with the fact that more and more outreach needs to be done but I have transformed the last month or so. I started investigating and researching this case inside and out. I know all the details that are public record. I no longer can call this just a case. This young girl is a person, she is a girl she is a person. She is no longer just the first case of human trafficking. She is a young woman who likes to play soccer and who dreams of going to college and is learning all about boys.

I guess what I’m getting at is that this is just one life. So think of all the others out there. We must stand together and unite and join the fight against human trafficking. This modern-day form of slavery is hidden. It’s not out in the open anymore. But if we as a society open our eyes and take a closer look beneath the surface than we can bring this victims into light of freedom.

I had the opportunity today to hear her address the defendants at sentencing today. I had to hold back the tears as I wrote furiously in my notebook while trying to get it all down on pad what she was saying. I had to hold back the tears when I met her face to face afterwards. I told her that it was a honor to meet her. I told her all about my friends at the BTC and how they all cared about her and wished her well. I told her that she was strong and that we all believed in her. I told her that BTC sends her good vibes. I saw the gratitude in her new parents eyes and in hers. I can’t explain to you how I felt except that I felt it in my heart. I’m so proud to be part of BTC. Without you guys I would not have the strength to do what I do. I’m so honored to have friends like you guys who when in need- you pull through over and beyond.

So now when I do speak to others, I can no longer just refer to her as a case. She was a girl that I refered to but now she is a young woman with a name and a face. She is so much more to me than just a case now. Even the investigators/attorneys who worked on the case we’re moved by this girl who overcame a difficult situation and now is a bright young woman.
Today and the past few days are the up days in this difficult abolitionist movement. This is the 4th abolitionist movement in history. Do you want to be part of it? I know I do.