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Seva Cafe Comment – Jan 27, 2007

~We’ve had some of the very best times here. – Deby, Jonny Chip, Janet…

~Thank you Seva Café, the meal was excellent. – Thanks

~To whom it may concern, I’ve never been to a restaurant like this one. It’s a bit of a fresh air in a polluted world. I like the ambience and I love the vibe. Good people… Good food. The broccoli soup is “fix me”, and your grilled cheese sandwich are “de aquellas.” Maybe poetry night/ open mic night would be interesting. –THANX

~Thank you for the opportunity to share a wonderful experience at Seva Café. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. We will definitely be back to help again. Best of luck with the efforts. Please share with the our gratitude. Peace, -Van & Chris

~Thank you so much for introducing me to the Seva Café. I enjoyed working there and had a fantastic time. It was great for me to step outside of myself and help others in need. Going in I did not know what to expect. After my experience there on Saturday, I truly appreciate the time spent there and understand what they are trying to accomplish. Thanks for spreading your kindness and giving, you are helping me become a better person.



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