Be the Cause

If it isn’t good, let it die. If it doesn’t die, make it good. –Ajahn Chah

Here’s what this week’s quote means to some guests:

~Those that have historically been the judge of good ant eh bad are in the position that resist change.

~The immature mind sees contradiction; where the wise mind sees paradox. – Dawn Solomon

~As the world sacrifice pieces of itself daily, we tend to make things harder on ourselves and make our surrounds less pleasant than ever by focusing on the most dim of moments. Our lives are meant to be bright.

~Fight for good.  Fight against evil.  Let the force be with you.

~Like the vibrations of a low grade gravity lens, we are the masters and creators of our own reality-so take care and live with love and laughter.

~”And since I grew tired of the chase and search, I learned to find.  Since the wind blows in my face, I sail with every word.” Friedrich Nietzsche

In other words: Let live all that keeps your light.  Let past all that tense toward dark.  It isn’t worth it when it stops making you happy.

~If isn’t good, try to make it better. (Like we do here at Seva and outside).  Let’s not let it die, our dreams, aspirations, the poor, mother earth.  Let it live… make it good.

~”Defend our yesterdays, defend our tomorrows.”

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