Be the Cause

Thoughts to ponder…

Comment from a Seva Cafe guest:

     In this world of political agenda’s, of social classes that are so extremely separated that it has created a subclass of people who feel abandoned, who feel like they are 2nd rate citizens in an ever increasing war on the lower class of people who are subject to more and more law’s created to snare and trap the unfortunate people, who were born into a lower, second class of people. 
     School’s don’t teach enough about survival the world at hand.  So everything is all smore & mirrors Tooth fairy’s – and Mother Goose.  And later on in life you find it’s all a lie, but the truth of it is; we’re the people who believe in concepts based in here.  We are born from adventurers, our bloodline, our dreams are similar to those of Christopher Columbus, to Louis & Clark, Wild Bill Hitchcock, the many French Fur Trappers in our blood runs the blood of explores, of fighters of dreamers, of doer’s.  And mainly givers, people willing to help people, to realize that there is too much hate, we can’t change it all over night but we can start right here.  God Bless.

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