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Sri Lanka Day Celebration!

Join the Sri Lanka Foundation on Saturday, August 26th at Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica to enjoy a celebration of Sri Lankan food, music and culture as never before! There will be live music, karaoke, authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, and phenomenal artwork. Festivities will continue all day from 10am – 7pm and are located between Wilshire Blvd. and Broadway.

Volunteers welcome! Please contact Palitha Pelpola at or by phone at 213-483-0126. For further information on the Sri Lanka Foundation and their activities both in the US and Sri Lanka, please visit

Sri Lanka Foundation:  “Building Hope, Building Lives”

Infinite Love

I spent an evening today at the Seva Café in Ahmedabad, India. Having been a part of the Seva Café experience in Long Beach, it was gripping to experience this atmosphere in India again. It feels like the entire energy of Long beach has permeated into the space of Seva Cafe India and the spirit of India is immersed in the walls of Long beach.

Two beautiful circles of love are created on two different continents across the shores. But somehow these circles are connected… and as they come closer… they embody the brilliance of infinity.

As I ate the sandwich here, I was reminded of our portabella mushroom.
It tasted of the same love I have known there. And in that moment I knew …’we were together.’


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