Be the Cause

Through Rain We See

Through rain we see
green leaves and rock.

This side of love…
I never knew.
It makes me see you
in my view.

My heart reaches far
and stretches wide…
amongst winding streets…
travel, travelling…so far from home.

Such delight to see and embrace
so many faces, hands, shoulders.

We see so much and I can’t close
my eyes…for fear of missing a millisecond
of exploration, joy, tenderness, nature,
authenticity of soul.

And then we’re hiking…

Rock steps lead up
to where sweet light
pours from the cliffs
like waterfall upon
gracefully onto
our laps like blessings.

By Gianna B.


  • wow. thanks for writing this.

  • gianna

    I wrote it when we were all travelling in the van at some point but changed some things just a tad when I got home :) I thought of that cliff at Sigiriya where the water was falling. That was ammmmazing!

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